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About the FIERE Project

Project Overview

The FIERE Project was set up to develop and enhance entrepreneurial and innovative skills in regional and local organisations – public and voluntary.

It is not intended as an entrepreneurship education for start-ups as such, but rather as a training programme for managers and staff to help them be more innovative in their activities – profit making or not.

Key Objectives

  • To enhance regional public and voluntary organisations with innovative entrepreneurship skills that can facilitate bottom-up regional development and tie-in with top-down regional development policies.

  • To enhance innovative entrepreneurship skill sets within the region’s formal and informal institutional infrastructure which in turn will hopefully have a significant beneficial multiplier effect within the region.

  • The ultimate aim is to assist regional institutions to make their regions both innovative and entrepreneurial, and to work with other regional stakeholders to turn ideas into jobs.

  • The outputs of the project are intended to raise the skills capabilities of regional organisations so as to develop innovative and entrepreneurial public-private partnerships to tackle the challenges in employment, economic development, climate change, energy etc.

Project Background

It is often the case that regional development policies appear to be centrally formulated and imposed on regions, with little or no participation by regional actors. The latter frequently lack the knowledge and skills to anticipate and manage any available opportunities, with the result that very few initiatives truly originate in the communities.

Adopt a regional development-driven approach

To inject dynamism into the entrepreneurial system at a regional level, there must be room for more entrepreneurship and innovation among the regional actors. If the present dynamic is not reversed, there is a danger that the development of the regions and the next generation of entrepreneurs and support staff will systematically depend, for their survival, on central Government.

The FIERE Project believes that innovative and entrepreneurial regions can have a greater capacity to achieve their economic and social potential, even in the context of scarce resources. The foundation stone underpinning the project is that providing regional organisations with innovation and entrepreneurship skills — in a holistic and integrated manner — greatly enhances their ability to plan, develop and implement strategies, actions and services for the socio-economic betterment of their regions.

Build an entrepreneurial and innovative culture

The time is right to refocus the general objective of regional development on the work of competent, entrepreneurial and innovative regional actors. This requires well-organised, capacity building training programmes on entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and similar topics, addressed to the managers and staff of regional organisations, such as local government institutions and development agencies

Through appropriately designed and implemented training programmes, these regional actors must consciously adopt the characteristics of “quasi-entrepreneurs” and develop their entrepreneurial and innovative capacity in order to plan and manage the entire range of their activities.

The FIERE Project will help by facilitating the individual and collective transfer of knowledge and skills to regional organisations across the participating countries.

Duration & Funding

The project is due to last for two years, will be led by the Tipperary County Council (Ireland) and involves a further six organisations from across the European Union. Project activities commenced on 1 January 2014 and will run until 31 December 2015.

The total project budget is €389,449, 75% of which is being financed by the European Union under the terms of the GRUNDTVIG Lifelong Learning Programme.

The partners in the FIERE project wish to acknowledge with thanks the professional contribution of Tom Martin & Associates/TMA (www.tma.ie) who in 2013 drafted and prepared the successful funding application in collaboration with the project partnership.


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